Nightfall Patch Notes

Version: Open Beta 43


[LMB] Daggers
Throw two Daggers every second that each deal 450 Damage.

[RMB] Pounce
Quickly Dash Forward. Collide with an enemy to perform a melee Strike for 600 Damage.

[Q] Nine Lives
Heal for 500 Health and reset the cooldowns of Pounce and Prowl.

[E] Midnight
Enemies within 300ft have their vision restricted to a 30 foot radius for 4 seconds.

[F] Prowl
Move 80% Faster and increase your jump height for 4 seconds. Firing your weapon or using another ability will cancel Prowl.


Cut and Run
Kills and Eliminations grant 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 4s.

Street Cred
Increase your maximum health by 50/100/150/200.

You cannot be slowed by more than 60/50/40/30%.

Gain 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed while out of combat.

Pounce heals you for 70/140/210/280 Health on a successful hit.

Sixth Sense
Enemies hit by Pounce are revealed for 1/2/3/4s.

Reduce the cooldown of Pounce by 0.5/1/1.5/2s.

Gain 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 2s after Pounce ends.

On Edge
Reduce the Cooldown of Nine Lives by 1/2/3/4s.

Fight or Flight
Gain 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 2s when you activate Nine Lives.

Patch Up
Increase the amount that Nine Lives heals for by 50/100/150/200.

Scar Tissue
Gain 5/10/15/20% Damage Reduction for 2s after using Nine Lives.

Walk it off
Heal for 25/50/75/100 Health every second during Prowl.

Increase the duration of Prowl by 0.5/1/1.5/2s.

Increase the speed bonus of Prowl by 8/16/24/32%.

Reduce Your fall speed in Prowl by 10/20/30/40%.



Win 5 matches of PVE
Reward: 50 Crystals
One time only, cannot be repeated per account
Chat now automatically opens at match lobby
Clicking on Champions Page will now directly go to Customizations
Continued improvements have been made to overall sound and music. Notably the music loudness has been increased for this release. Further improvements are planned.

Improved the slide off physics for rooftops where players are not intended to linger, which will now push you more aggressively.
Improved hit detections for area of effect explosions.

Added options to buy multiple Radiant Chests in bulk quantities.
Bigger bulk options include discounts.
1x Radiant Chest – 50 Crystals (50 Crystals per chest)
5x Radiant Chests – 225 Crystals (45 Crystals per chest)
10x Radiant Chests – 400 Crystals (40 Crystals per chest)
15x Radiant Chests – 550 Crystals (37 Crystals per chest)
20x Radiant Chests – 700 Crystals (35 Crystals per chest)
Added an option to open chests quickly by pressing Spacebar or ESC during the opening.
Added an option to equip an item right when it is dropped from a chest.

Fixed issue Mounts in Store not previewing centered.
Fixed end of match lobby from sometimes showing incorrect name.
Fixed Active Quests sometimes showing incorrect count.
Viktor now throws a proper green grenade when using any Code Green Body.
Improved Strongest Wins logic for Movement Speed Buffs.
Fixed an issue where damage falloff on AOEs started too early when shooting near targets head or feet.
Improved hit detection for AOEs, and the warning UI indicator is now more accurate.
Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a game as a spectator.




  • Vagrant Clasp
  • Riff Raff Clasp
  • Guttersnipe Clasp


  • Vagrant
  • Riff Raff
  • Guttersnipe


  • Guttersnipe Daggers
  • Riff Raff Daggers
  • Vagrant Daggers


  • Copy Cat

Voice Packs

  • Maeve

MVP Poses

  • Rapscallion


  • TF2 -May now be used as separate pieces.

Colossal Chest
Based on the feedback from the community on the addition of Emotes and the MVP Poses into the Colossal Chest, we have removed these items from the Colossal Chest and added a new Flair Chest where they can be obtained. Players who received an Emote or MVP Pose from the Colossal Chest in OB42 will receive a refund for the difference in price.

  • All Emotes and MVP Poses have been removed from this chest.

New Flair Chest
Contains all Emotes and MVP Poses.

New Valentine’s Day Chest
Heartbreaker Skye Collection

Heartbreaker’s Barrette


Heartbreaker’s Caress

Smokey Love


MVP Pose


Love Specs Pip
Lone Heart Patch Viktor
Rosebud Canopy Grover

Loveless Revolver Androxus
Heartthrob’s Staff Grohk
Cherub Crossbow Cassie


Candy Unicorn


Test Map Queue
We want to personally thank all the players who have been playing the Test Queue and giving regular feedback on our maps for testing. We have removed the current maps and added a new rotation of maps, some with major reworks we are excited to hear your feedback on.

  • Ice Mines Redo v2 – Improve payload route. Update and scaled down capture point.
  • District v2 – Raised the floors around the sea side flank area. Made it easier to get into the second story building above the capture point.
  • Grotto A
  • Grotto B
  • Stride v2 – Update the capture point to improve flow.
  • Removed Undercity and Atrium.

Blast Shields
Blast Shields and Haven provided too much of an easy option against many champions in the game, and with the removal of Aggression doesn’t provide the level of counter-play that we would like. Bringing down the values of both means the Defense tier can lend itself more to Resilience or Illuminate.
Reduced damage reduction from 10/20/30% to 7/14/21%.

Fixed an issue where Cauterize was stacking with other healing reduction mechanics and different ranks of itself. Healing reduction will now take the strongest present value.

Reduced damage reduction from 10/20/30% to 7/14/21%.

Fixed an issue where if a stronger Movement Speed Buff overwrote Nimble, it would deactivate until you respawned.

Reduced credit cost from 300 to 200.

Life Rip

  • Lifesteal now correctly works off of exact damage dealt to the target. This excludes damage dealt to personal shields and damage that has been mitigated by Damage Reduction.
  • Lifesteal is now properly reduced by Healing Reduction.
  • You can no longer lifesteal from deployables.

Improved Drogoz’s W.Y.R.M. Jets card performance with high ping.

Salvo has been an under used part of Drogoz’ kit, and we wanted to bring it back into a strong viability. The danger we wanted to avoid was allowing it to deal full damage where it could become an opportunity to burst a target at full Health when it is available. Instead, we are increasing the usability and greatly increasing the size of the explosions to turn it into a strong option against large groups of enemies.

  • Increased explosion radius per rocket by 70%.
  • Reduced the time between Rockets from 0.2s to 0.15s.
  • Increased the accuracy from 90% to 95%.


Blink: Improved Evie’s Blink’s root under high ping.


Oppressor Mines: Now affected by Cooldown reduction, such as Chronos.


Advance: Now affected by Cooldown reduction, such as Chronos.


  • Hexa Fire Rockets now count as Area of Effect damage.
  • Improved Ruckus’s Hexafire’s slow under high ping.


Fixed an issue with reload UI clipping into Shield UI.

Gauntlet: Fixed an issue where Torvald’s gauntlet targeting would not target the lower half of his targets.


Long Bow: Fixed an issue where Sha Lin’s bow would not get interrupted when pulled back, upon getting disarmed.

Planted: Fixed an issue where Sha Lin’s animations would get stuck in the planted state during killcam and spectate.


Hidden: Fixed a bug where activating Hidden would remove the speed boost from Victory Rush. The stronger value will now be used.


Trail Blazer: Fixed a bug where this card’s description had values of 50/60/70/80% instead of 50/40/30/20%.


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