The Ruins Raider

Like most of his kin, Barik is loud, obnoxious, and lacks subtlety. All traits that serve him well in his profession as a Ruins Raider. No shrine, temple, or crypt is safe if Barik is around. Using devices of his own invention, and with an eye to turn a profit, Barik plunders all, and has made a name for himself in Crosswind Hold.


A short range blunderbuss shooting 13 pellets that deal a total of 600 damage, every 1s. Bonus Damage: Hitting a marked target, consumes all marks dealing 10% more damage per mark. Enemies can be marked up to 2 times.


Time Bomb
Deploy a barricade that provides cover. Barricade has 5000 health and lasts 4 seconds or until destroyed.


Poison Bolts
Build a turret that fires at enemies for 150 damage every second and lasts until destroyed. You may deploy up to 2 turrets. Turret shots mark enemy players for 3 seconds, and a player can be marked twice when hit by both turrets.

Rocket Boots

A guided rocket charge that lasts 1s.

Dome Shield (Ultimate)

Spawn a Mega Turret that deals massive AOE damage.



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