Bomb King

His Majesty

Sticky Bomb

Throw a sticky bomb every 0.6s that will stick to enemy Champions for 2s, with a maximum of 6 out at once. Sticky Bombs deal 900 damage in an area when detonated.


Time Bomb
Detonate all active Sticky Bombs, causing them to explode. Bonus Damage: Hitting a target with multiple sticky bombs causes each bomb after the first to deal 30% more damage.

Grumpy Bomb

Poison Bolts
Throw a Grumpy Bomb that grows angrier over 3s, exploding dealing 800 damage and stunning all targets in range for 2s. Deals 200% more damage to shields.

Poppy Bomb

Throw an unstable Poppy Bomb that sticks to any surface. Detonating this bomb applies a knockback.

King Bomb (Ultimate)

Roll into King Bomb for 5s. Explode and deal up to 2500 damage to targets near the center, knocking yourself back and stunning enemies. Ignores shields.



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